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MPG Coach
Musical Theatre | Jazz | Tap

Katie Fox grew up dancing in Kitsap County at Just for Kicks in Port Orchard. She began with ballet but quickly expanded to all styles. At Just for Kicks, Katie competed on the  convention circuit such as Hollywood Connection and Tremaine.


In high school Katie jumped into acting by participating in several plays and added more ballet training at Westlake Dance Center. After high school she spent a year at Cornish College of the Arts, however had to end her time there due to injury. At which point she returned to Just for Kicks to teach and choreograph competition pieces.


After several years teaching, Katie and her husband (an actor) decided to open a dance and acting studio, Awaken Performing Arts, where they could collaborate their two art forms and put on original productions that brought together acting and dance. Unfortunately after being in business for 6 years, COVID forced their studio into permanent closure.


Katie is excited to bring her unique blend of theatre and dance to the students of InMotion and be back in the dance world that she has missed so much!

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