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Momentum Awards

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The Ultimate Love Song - High Gold

Glowing Up - Platinum

Home - High Gold

Unconditional - Platinum

Echoes - Platinum

Good Stuff - Platinum

Nervous - High Gold

In Case - High Gold

Rich Girl - Platinum

Atmosphere - Platinum

Here You Come Again - High Gold

River Deep - High Gold

And So It Is - High Gold

Darkness of the Night - Platinum

Pink - Platinum

Primadonna Girl - Platinum

Where's My Love - Platinum

Hard 4 Me 2 Love You - High Gold

Back Up Generator - Platinum

Happiness Does Not Wait - Platinum

I'm Lonely - High Gold

Macavity - High Gold

Dead - Platinum

The Frozen World - Platinum

Send Me The Moon - Platinum

Jet Set - High Gold

Breathe Again - Platinum

Constellations - High Gold

Honey, I - High Gold

Speechless - Platinum

Good To Love - Platinum

To Be Loved - Platinum

Dance Like Yo Daddy - High Gold

Out of Love - High Gold

No Choirs - High Gold

Sadness - Platinum

XOX - High Gold

Bangerz - Platinum

"Speechless" - 1St Overall Mini Solo, 1st in Mini Lyrical Solos

"Primadonna Girl" - 1st in Mini Jazz Solos

"Jet Set" - 1st in Mini Musical Theatre Duo/Trio

"Rich Girl" - 1st Overall Mini Duo/Trio, 1st in Mini Jazz Duo/Trio

"Home" - 3rd Overall Mini Group

"Good To Love" 3rd Overall Junior Solos, 1st in Junior Contemporary Solos

"Where's My Love" - 5th Overall Junior Solo

"In Case" - 1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio, 1st in Junior Lyrical Duo/Trio

"Happiness Does Not Wait" - 1st Overall Junior Group, 1st in Junior Ballet Groups

"The Frozen World" - 2nd Overall Junior Group, 1St in Junior Contemporary Groups, JUNIOR NRG AWARD WINNER

"This Old Heart Of Mine" - 1st in Junior Jazz Group

"Sadness" - 1st Overall Teen Duo/Trio, 1st in Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio

"And So It Is" - 1st in Teen Lyrical Group

"Pink" - 1st Overall Teen Group, 1st in Teen Contemporary Groups

"Atmosphere" - 2nd Overall Teen Group

"The Ultimate Love Song" - 1st in Teen Lyrical Lines

"Bangerz" 3rd Overall Teen Line

"Glowing Up" - 1st in Senior Lyrical Solos

"To Be Loved" - 1st Overall Senior Line, 1st in Senior Lyrical Lines, SENIOR NRG AWARD FINALIST

San Francisco


2nd Overall Mini Solo - "Speechless"

6th Overall Mini Solo  - "Hollywood"

5th Overall Teen Solo - "Breathe Again"

7th Overall Teen Solo - "Good To Love"

2nd Overall Senior Solo - "Darkness of the Night"

4th Overall Senior Solo - "Honey, I"


1st Overall Mini Duo/Trio - “Rich Girl”

2nd Overall Mini Small Group - “Home”


3rd Overall Teen Small Group “Happiness Does Not Wait” 


5th Overall Teen Large Group - “Ultimate Love Song”


1st Overall Senior Small Group - “Atmosphere”

2nd Overall Senior Small Group - “Back Up Generator”

5th Overall Senior Small Group - “Pink”


1st Overall Senior Large Group - “To Be Loved”

3rd Overall Senior Large Group - “Livin It Up On Top” 


Senior Top Revelation - “Atmosphere” & “Back Up Generator”


Special Awards : 

“Rich Girl” & “I’m A Boss”

"Honey, I" "Primadonna Girl"

"When I Drive"


Choreography Awards: 

“To Be Loved” Choreography by Kyle Ponte

“Pink” Choreography by Kyle Ponte

“Back Up Generator” Choreography by Adam Vesperman 

"Breathe Again" Choreography by Gunner James

"Darkness of the Night" Choreography by Sam Neas

"I'm Lonely" Choreography by Gunner James



Amelia - full

Lily - Nationals



Logan- full 

Nora Shea - full

Camryn - nationals 



Sarai- full

Lexi - nationals 



Special scholarship 

Ryker - impact Dance adjudication 

Ella- Reflections Workshop 

Nora Shea- Duncan Cooper Workshop

Adriana - Duncan Cooper Workshop 

Peyton - AMDA $ 20k

Ella - AMDA $40k 

Nora - Reflections Workshop


Pro reveler - 

Olivia M

Adriana K

Ella B

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